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Rural grocery store closure effects

Albuquerque,NM  (KKOB) —  Lines begin to form and people are forced to travel further and further to get basic necessities. These are some of the consequences when grocery stores in rural parts of the state are forced to close down when complying with the public health orders. In a recent tweet, New Mexico State Senator…MORE

El Paso covid test drone delivery

Albuquerque,NM (KKOB) —  It’s well known that our neighbor to the south, El Paso is dealing with an immense Covid surge, and as such the city has turned out to be the ideal location for a timely pilot program. Walmart and several partners are teaming up in El Paso in a test program that will…MORE

El Paso Covid shut-down extension

Albuquerque,NM  (KKOB) —  Across the country Covid cases have surged and no place is more exemplary of that than El Paso, where as positive case numbers explode and more morgue trucks are ordered, El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego, tries his best to stem the tide. To that effect, he has extended the county’s emergency…MORE

El Paso Covid crisis

Albuquerque,NM (KKOB) —  In a grim reminder of the toll that the pandemic is taking on our neighboring community of El Paso, KVIA TV reports that County Judge Ricardo Samaniego said that the county is receiving four more tractor-trailers in addition to the six mobile morgues already on the ground, in an attempt to handle…MORE

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