Rep. Roger Williams to Newsmax: Govt Spending Root Cause to Debt Problem

Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas, joined Newsmax on Tuesday to discuss bipartisan efforts to raise the debt ceiling and President Biden’s infrastructure bill, which he voted against and thinks the private sector could build “cheaper” and “faster.”

“I’m concerned about our debt; I mean, I’ve been up here almost 12 years, and I’m one of the few that votes against raising debt ceilings,” Williams told Tuesday’s “American Agenda.” “The debt we have is unsustainable. We’re going to probably vote for continued resolution with which just keeps us going the same direction we were going last cycle, and the problem is not cash flow. The problem is spending in our government.”

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen informed lawmakers earlier this month the federal government risked default if they did not raise the debt ceiling by mid-December, Bloomberg reported.

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