London Welcomes Australia’s Fastest-Growing Auto Company, Motor Culture

Australia’s biggest auto events company Motor Culture has been looking to expand since gaining success just a few years after its founding. Recently, its owners have launched a branch of their company in the United Kingdom, where they chose London as the nation’s headquarters. Branches in the United States, Canada, and some countries in Europe are very close to becoming reality as well through Motor Culture’s aggressive campaigns.

The brains behind Motor Culture Australia are Tom McPherson and Tom Fu, two very young but hard-working entrepreneurs. They launched the company in 2017 as Car Culture to create a healthy and safe community for car lovers to engage with each other. Today, Motor Culture Australia has over 150,000 members who enjoy their platforms, programs, and offerings that mostly include high-end cars.

McPherson and Fu understand the value of social media in connecting people all over the world, including car collectors and enthusiasts. The common issue expressed by most people on social media sites is its safety and convenience. They know this must be addressed if they should want to create their own platform. Together, McPherson and Fu have created a brand that makes members’ safety a priority.

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