Minding Your Business

  • Minding Your Business is a show about the people who built New Mexico’s most interesting companies. Each week, Margarita Guarin and Mark Gilboard from WESST-  the non-profit behind New Mexico’s Women’s Business Centers in Farmington, Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, Roswell, Las Cruces and here in Albuquerque- share stories of wisdom and inspiration from New Mexican Business Owners, interviewing the people who built some of your favorite products, services, and brands. Be inspired, and learn what it takes to start and grow your own business. Minding Your Business, a show where we pick the brains behind your favorite New Mexican brands.

  • Margarita Guarin – Guarin is the Program Director and Regional Manager for WESST’s Women’s Business Center in Albuquerque.  Her priority is to educate entrepreneurs on how to build and grow a sustainable business. Through the years, her love for innovation and entrepreneurship has led her to advise many startups and established businesses in all areas including operations, viability, financials and marketing. She has been awarded the SBA Minority Small Business Champion of the year. She uses her bilingual skills to serve an ever increasing Spanish speaking population of business owners and, she is an entrepreneur herself!

    Mark Gilboard – Gilboard is the Director of Marketing Strategy and a Business Trainer and Consultant at WESST, the statewide non-profit that offers training, lending and consulting to anyone with a passion to start or grow their small business. In addition to his current roles helping to make New Mexico a better home for entrepreneurs, Mark has also had careers in Marketing and Advertising, and in Higher Education as a Community College Part-Time Faculty member. He still teaches courses in Communication, and numerous courses on branding and marketing for both CNM and CNM Ingenuity.

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