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Gray Matters; Discussing All Things Senior, hosted by Dirk Gray

Every Saturday at Noon

Dirk Gray, CMPS

Dirk is a Reverse Mortgage specialist with New Mexico Reverse Mortgage and has 28 years of mortgage experience in New Mexico.  He is one of four Certified Mortgage Planning Specialists in the state.  Dirk’s CMPS designation helps him understand how the mortgage fits into the overall context of a client’s financial strategy.

As a professional Reverse Mortgage planner, Dirk listens to the needs of the homeowner to help structure the loan in order to meet the homeowner’s short and long term financial goals.

A Reverse Mortgage is not appropriate for everyone, however, for many others it can be the most important financial tool to which they have access.

New Mexico Reverse Mortgage is the only local company that specializes in this unique and often unexplored government insured program. Their goal is to educate about the program and encourage people of all ages to take control and manage their finances properly to further enhance a senior homeowner’s quality of life.


With a Reverse Mortgage, you may:

  • Continue to live in your home for life without needing to make principal and interest payments.
  • Pass the home on to your heirs.
  • Convert the frozen equity in your home into liquid, tax-free cash.
  • Increase the cash value of the estate passed to your heirs.
  • Spend the proceeds however you wish (monthly bills, healthcare, home improvements, vacations, etc.)
  • Delay the start date of your Social Security Income so the monthly benefit increases with your age.
  • Use the growth of the line of credit as a hedge against slower home appreciation.
  • Delay the need to prematurely deplete your investment portfolio.

If you’ve questions or comments for Dirk, he can be contacted at 505-897-4900.

We are happy to part of the News Radio 770-KKOB family and thank you for listening to New Mexico Reverse Mortgage’s “Gray Matters”.

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