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Joshua Dial from “Tiger King” Says Bestiality Tape Exists

(Albuquerque) The former campaign manager for ‘Joe Exotic,’ Joshua Dial, exposed dark secrets from his time working at the G.W. Zoo, which was the subject of the blockbuster Netflix show ‘Tiger King.’ In an interview with Brandon Vogt, Joshua Dial accused his old boss, Joe Exotic, of having photos and possible videos of bestiality from…MORE

Cover Up ABQ

We’ve teamed up with Graphic Connection to COVER UP ABQ – Listen to News Radio KKOB to win a logo’d mask – plus we’ve teamed up with Graphic Connection to donate up to 200 masks to an organization in need of masks, you can nominate below. Thank you to our sponsor Tell Us About A Charitable…MORE

TJ’S New Balance Contest – Official Rules

TJ’S New Balance Contest – Official Rules

96.3 and 770 KKOB’s “TJ’s New balance ” Contest Official Rules A complete copy of these rules can be obtained by contacting radio station KKOB (“Station”), owned and operated by Cumulus LLC, 500 4th St NW, Albuquerque, NM  87102, during normal business hours Monday through Friday or by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the…MORE

It’s Warm Enough for Snakes Now

(Albuquerque)-Daytime temperatures are rising and that means snakes are more likely to be active with warmer weather.  That’s part of the warning in Las Cruces where the State Game and Fish Department has put out tips on what to do if you encounter a snake while hiking in open space or in the mountains. First, stop and visually…MORE

New Mexico Prepares for Surge in Coronavirus Cases

(Albuquerque)-New Mexico’s peak period for coronavirus cases is expected to be in about two weeks…and a new study shows the state could come up short on ICU beds. But Dr. David Scrase, the Human Services Dept. Secretary, says the actions of New Mexicans could help alleviate that problem:  he says if everyone in New Mexico…MORE

APS Grab & Go Meals New Schedule

(Albuquerque)-Albuquerque Public Schools is changing its schedule for the Grab & Go Meals that have been handed out since schools closed a few weeks ago. Spokeswoman Johanna King tells Newsradio KKOB those meals will now be served only three days a week…and they’ve also condensed the hours.  They found that fewer people showed up during the…MORE

State of NM Assisting Pueblos

(Albuquerque)-The state of New Mexico is helping pueblo tribes now to put up roadblocks.  It’s to keep non-tribal members off the reservations due to coronavirus.  The sickness has spread through at least three of the pueblos and the expectation is for the virus to affect other people. New Mexico has 19 pueblo tribes.MORE

Social Distancing is Helping in Taos

(Albuquerque)-The Mayor of Taos says social distancing seems to be working in their community.  But Mayor Daniel Barrone did impose a curfew … said to be the first in New Mexico … from 10 at night until 6 the next morning.  Barrone says it’s a new normal for Taos and pretty much everyone is following the new rules. But…MORE

Bad Time for Copper Wiring Thieves

(Albuquerque)-The city of Albuquerque is taking steps to prevent copper wiring thefts from the city’s light poles.  Just in February alone there were thefts of copper wiring that added up to 16-thousand dollars …more than a quarter of all the street lights in Albuquerque.  City officials tell the Associated Press that in just over two years, billing for copper…MORE

Lines at NM Grocery Stores

(Albuquerque)-They know it’s needed, but most New Mexico residents don’t like the new order from Governor Lujan Grisham that no more than 20 percent or less of a business’s maximum occupancy can be in the store at a given time.  But they also say they feel safer once they’re in the store. Shoppers say there’s now more room in…MORE

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