CABQ councilors present omnibus city charter referendums

Albuquerque, NM (KKOB) — Albuquerque City Council President Dan Lewis applauds the Council for passing amendment proposals Monday to present to voters at the 2024 general election. Each of the Charter amendments are reforms that will streamline City government hiring, add accountability to executive appointment procedures, and simplify City elections.

“I am happy to present these proposals to Albuquerque voters,” said Council President Dan Lewis. “They should decide how they want the government to run. I trust the voters.”

Proposal P-24-1 would amend the City Charter’s procedure for elections. Under the proposed amendment a candidate for mayor or council would need to win a plurality of votes cast for the respective office. This change aims to eliminate the need for costly runoff elections, ensuring that each vote counts.

Proposal P-24-3 would amend the City Charter procedures for appointing administrative officers and for the appointment and removal of the Chiefs of Police and Fire. The Mayor shall appoint or reappoint these officers at the beginning of each new term. The Mayor may terminate the agreement at any time. The Council may also terminate the agreement at any time with a two-thirds, plus one vote of the Council.

Proposal P-24-4 would amend the Charter’s procedure to resolve separation of powers issues. The three-person Conference Committee established under the Charter will determine the role of the City Council and the Mayor and hears issues raised only by the Mayor or the City Council. The amendment would ensure that the Committee has sufficient appointees to resolve issues arising between the Mayor and the Council.

These measures have been adopted by companion resolutions approved by the Council. Once the City’s process to enact the resolutions is completed, the measures will be placed on the ballot for voters to consider. These measures would bring efficient and transparent procedures to the City of Albuquerque executive and legislative functions.