APD launching rehire program for retired officers

Albuquerque, NM (KKOB) — The Albuquerque Police Department will be launching the return-to-work program for retired law enforcement officers beginning July 1, 2024.

Earlier this year, Senate Bill 87 passed allowing retired law enforcement officers to return to work in law enforcement without affecting their pension. APD is encouraging retired law enforcement officers to return to work that retired prior to December 31, 2023 and have been retired for 90 consecutive days.

In July 2023, Mayor Keller and Chief Harold Medina announced the longevity pay incentive to help recruit more officers. Return to work officers will begin at $31.89 an hour for their first year back including longevity pay once the hiring packet is completed. After one year of probation is completed, officers will receive title and pay based on years of service for the longevity incentive.

Salary including the longevity incentive is as follows:

  • $60,008.00 cadet
  • $62,982.40 first year
  • $74,692.80 year 1-4
  • $80,002.00 year 5
  • $80,678.00 year 6
  • $83,408.00 year 7-9
  • $85,462.00 year 10-12
  • $86,840.00 year 13-14
  • $90,708.80 year 15
  • $93,438.80 year 16-17
  • $97,520.80 year 18+

For more information on APD recruiting and the return to work program, please visit the following social media platforms:

  • YouTube:@apdrecruiting
  • Facebook: Albuquerque Police Recruiting Unit
  • Instagram: @albuquerquepolicerecruiting