Don’t spend Valentine’s Day in the dark

Albuquerque, NM (KKOB) — Ahead of Valentine’s Day this Wednesday, PNM is reminding our customers to use caution if they plan to celebrate their love with Mylar balloons. This celebration can quickly become a serious hazard if they come into contact with power lines and cause outages that could potentially impact thousands of customers.

Mylar balloons are made of metallic materials that conduct electricity. If they touch power lines, they cannot only cause power outages, but can also damage electrical equipment, and even pose a safety risk to our customers, employees, and the general public.

In 2023, PNM crews responded to 28 power outages caused by Mylar balloons, compared to only 18 caused by Mylar balloons, in 2022.

To celebrate safely with Mylar balloons, PNM provides the following safety tips:

  • Securely Tie Balloons: Always securely tie Mylar balloons to a weight heavy enough to prevent them from floating away.
  • Indoor Use Only: Keep Mylar balloons indoors or securely anchored if used outdoors to prevent them from drifting into power lines.
  • Proper Disposal: After Valentine’s Day is over, properly deflate and dispose of Mylar balloons in the trash.

By following these tips, our customers can help prevent unnecessary outages and ensure a safe Valentine’s Day for everyone. For more information on electrical safety tips, visit