New Mexico Film Office series for veterans in the film and TV industry

Santa Fe, NM (KKOB) — The New Mexico Film Office (NMFO) is hosting upcoming events to assist veterans seeking to get involved in the film and television industry.   These events are initiatives from NMFO’s Operation Soundstage (OSS) program, a workforce development program that is part of the Film Crew Advancement Program (FCAP) but with some extra perks for qualifying New Mexican veterans. OSS provides a fast track to film industry union membership, offering waived membership fees and required hours for IATSE Local 480 and for joining Teamsters 492. New Mexico veterans interested in a career in the film and television industry who possess transferrable skills or those interested in advancing their career in a specific craft may participate.   “Operation Soundstage provides veterans with the training and support they need to transition into successful careers in the film and media industry,” NMFO Senior Program Manager Rochelle Bussey said. “Our veterans have a wealth of skills and experience that are highly valuable to the industry, and we are committed to helping them find meaningful and rewarding jobs.”   Below are the details of the two upcoming events:
WHO: Designed for veterans interested in below-the-line technical positions who may have transferrable skills for the local film industry.   WHAT: Panel discussion moderated by Talia Pura, withMike Miller, Jim Twocrow, and more panelists to be announced.   WHEN: Tuesday, November 28at 1 pm   WHERE: Jean Cocteau Cinema, 418 Montezuma Ave, Santa Fe, NM. 87501   HOW: Register online at
WHO: Designed to inspire veterans interested in acting to learn about industry opportunities.   WHAT: Acting for Veterans virtual digital panel in collaboration with SAG-AFTRA National Military Personnel and Families Support and the SAG-AFTRA New Mexico Local. Moderated by Sheila Ivy Traister, with Rik Deskin, Rob Estrada, Bodhi Rader, Ryan Begay, and Zeke Alton Linsay Rousseau.   WHEN: Wednesday, November 29 at 5 pm   HOW: Register online at
These events, organized by the New Mexico Film Office, allow New Mexican veterans to learn about innovative programs and services available to them and their families. For more information on the series, contact Dolores Martinez.