ABQ BioPark announces new arrival at Penguin Chill exhibit

Albuquerque, N.M. (KKOB) — After closing in October due to the avian flu, the ABQ BioPark is reopening its beloved Penguin Chill exhibit this week with a new addition — a Gentoo chick! This is the first baby to arrive since the opening of the exhibition in July 2019. The offspring, belonging to female Digit and male Killian, hatched on November 22, 2022. Keepers discovered the egg in mid-October, and the parents spent the month incubating it. Assistant Curator of Birds, Ashley Bauer, says the chick had its 10-day wellness check Thursday weighing in at just over a pound. In about a month, the baby will start “swim school” with keepers in a kiddie pool, ensuring the chick learns to swim properly before being released to the big tank. Five of the ABQ BioPark’s six Gentoo pairs are nesting, along with three macaroni pairs. Keepers say it’s a great sign that the penguins are healthy and thriving in their home.