BLM wild horse round-up

Albuquerque, NM (KKOB) — The Bureau of Land Management has released its draft environmental assessment for a proposed wild horse gather in northern New Mexico and is seeking public input. The BLM estimates the wild horse population of the Border Atravesado Herd Management Area to be approximately 230 animals as of August 4th, which exceeds the cumulative appropriate management level of 40-50 animals by about 82 percent.
The proposed gather would remove 190 of the 230 wild horses present in the Border Atravesado Herd Management Area. Animals removed from public lands would be prepared for adoption to qualified homes or transferred to an off-range pasture for long-term care. Public input is valuable in the process and will enable the BLM to develop a well-informed analysis. Written comments should be received by Aug. 28th.