City seeks input on westside intersection construction

(Albuquerque, N.M.) KKOB — A new traffic signal will soon be installed and improvements will be made to the 98th Street and Gibson Boulevard intersection in SW Albuquerque. This announcement today (Thursday) from the City. The purpose is to increase the safety, efficiency, and usability of this intersection for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Other improvements include additional lighting, ADA-accessible curb ramps, extended medians, and pavement reconstruction. But before it all gets underway, the city wants your input. From now till December 6th you can let the city know whether you’d prefer a full closure of the intersection, a partial closure of the intersection, or full access to the intersection. You’ll find the pros and cons and where to send your thoughts on our website, News Radio KKOB dot com.

Full Closure of the Intersection – The intersection would be closed to vehicular traffic, which would be detoured onto nearby streets. The biggest benefit is that the project would be built in the shortest amount of time, but it means redirecting traffic onto local streets and some out-of-direction travel.

Partial Closure – One leg of Gibson would be closed at a time. 98th Street would remain open but reduced to one lane in each direction during certain times. Detours on local streets would be needed around the leg of Gibson that is closed. Pros include a shorter construction duration (but not as short as a full closure). A downside is that turns from 98th onto the closed leg of Gibson would be prohibited.

Full Access – The intersection would remain open for all turning options and though traffic would be reduced to one lane in each direction. Construction would be completed in halves or quadrants. Median crossovers (eastbound traffic on Gibson would be diverted onto one of the westbound lanes, for example) or temporary pavement would be required. The benefit of this option is that it keeps the intersection open, but construction duration would be the longest and this would be the costliest option.

Under all concepts, access to Walgreens in the northwest corner and pedestrian access at the intersection will be maintained throughout construction.

SCHEDULE: The design is underway and is anticipated to be completed around mid-2022. Construction is planned for later next year.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: If you have any questions or comments about the 98th Street/Gibson Boulevard intersection project, please contact project manager Jill Cuppernell at (505) 768-3502 or [email protected].

You may also email your comments to [email protected].

Comments will be accepted until December 6th, 2021. Thank you for your feedback.