APD conducts another successful Anti-Crime Operation

Albuquerque, NM (KKOB) –APD completed its 17th city-wide Anti-Crime Operation.  The operation resulted in the arrest of an additional 57 offenders. A total of 752 individuals have been arrested since the start of the operations in August. Officers also recovered 8 firearms and 10 stolen vehicles.

The Anti-Crime Operation was conducted January 5, 2021, through January 8, 2021. Officers and detectives from the Field Services Bureau, Investigative Bureau and Special Operations Bureau were all involved in this initiative.

A total of 55 outstanding warrants were cleared, and 26 new felony arrests were made. Additionally, 543 moving citations were issued.

Felony Warrants Cleared: 32

New Felony Arrests: 26

Misdemeanor Warrants Cleared: 23

New Misdemeanor Arrests: 2

Misdemeanor Citations: 2

Moving Citations: 543

Stolen Vehicles Recovered: 10

Firearms Recovered: 8


Field Services Bureau:

FH PRT: 2 Felony Warrant / 1 Felony Arrest / 1 Misdemeanor Arrest / 1 Firearm Seized

NW PRT: 5 Felony Warrants

NE PRT: 6 Felony Warrants / 4 Felony Arrest / 15 Misdemeanor Warrant / 1 Firearm Seized / 7 Moving Citations

SE PRT: 8 Felony Warrant / 11 Felony Arrests / 7 Misdemeanor Warrant / 2 Stolen Vehicle Recovered / 2 Firearm Seized

SW PRT: 1 Stolen Vehicle Recovered / 2 Misdemeanor Citations / 27 Moving Citations

Downtown  Valley PRT: 3 Felony Warrants / 1 Felony Arrest / 1 Misdemeanor Arrest

Special Operations Bureau:


Traffic: 2 Felony Warrant / 2 Felony Arrest / 1 Firearm Seized / 1 Stolen Vehicle Recovered / 509 Moving Citations

Open Space:



Investigative Bureau:

Auto Theft: 3 Felony Warrant / 3 Felony Arrest / 2 Firearms Seized / 6 Stolen Vehicle Recovered

Street Crimes: 1 Felony Warrant / 1 Felony Arrest / 1 Firearm Seized (& Assisted Auto Theft Unit)

Central Impact:

Eastside Impact: 1 Felony Arrest

Westside Impact: 1 Felony Warrant

Central Narcotics and VICE: 3 Felony Arrests

OCU and ESU:

CID Violent Crimes:


GVRU: 1 Felony Warrant


Intel: 1 Misdemeanor Warrant / 1 Stolen Firearm Seized


Alexander Renner

David Cheezum

Amber Tillberg / Tillman

Alan McClellan

Conner Green

Jonah Sandoval

Cesar Hoberman

Isiah Buckner

Mariano Bachicha

Marty Peynesta

Archie Manzanares

Sharon Branham

Eric Chino

Ronald Aragon

Iven Maldonado

Ray Jojola

Esequiel Lesperance

Patricia Garcia

Alyssa Florez

Nicholas Blackie

Brandy Cordova

Ansel Provancial

Daniel Pacheco

Adrian Zahney

Samuel Reyes Garcia

John Chess

Donnell Hamilton

Anthony Jaramillo

Justin Watts

Arthur Stewart

Monique Delora

Timothy Robley

Tabitha Alires

Vilay Soukthavone

Jesse Calderon

Joshua Moford

Cesar Becerra

Christopher Lopez Frank Lopez

Brandon Terven

Aaron Johnson

Robert Madrid

Gregory Beasley

Aaron Ricks

Arthur Ramirez

Paul Allen

Jeremy Sedillo

Omari Wade

Antonio Alfaro

Sherman Ragland

Michael Hart

Nicholas Dromer

Myron Jenkins

Adrian Fields

Waiko Ganadonegro

Valentino Castano

Louis Whitebird

Juaquin Portillo

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