2020 Perfect Prediction

You could win a hotel stay at a Heritage Hotel of your choice and a $50 gift certificate to Elephant Bar if you have the closest Electoral Map!

Step 1: Click HERE to fill out your electoral prediction and then click Share Map button:

Then click the bottom right button to generate your unique code. Copy your unique URL for step 2. Be sure to fill out every state, there should be no brown states or districts. Remember that Nebraska and Maine split their electors and they sometimes vote differently than the rest of the state. Maps with toss-up electoral votes will be disqualified.

Step 2: Paste your unique URL (an example URL is https://www.270towin.com/map-images/lWXNd)

Election Map Contest

  • Please enter your popular vote prediction for Donald Trump above (for reference, in 2016 Trump received 62,984,828 votes)
  • Please enter your popular vote prediction for Joe Biden above (for reference, in 2016 Hillary received 65,853,514 votes)

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