Joshua Dial from “Tiger King” Says Bestiality Tape Exists

(Albuquerque) The former campaign manager for ‘Joe Exotic,’ Joshua Dial, exposed dark secrets from his time working at the G.W. Zoo, which was the subject of the blockbuster Netflix show ‘Tiger King.’

In an interview with Brandon Vogt, Joshua Dial accused his old boss, Joe Exotic, of having photos and possible videos of bestiality from the park.

“The really only thing I know for sure, I know exists, is there are photos and potentially videos of Joe, and a couple of his partners engaging in bestiality. So, that exists,” alleged Dial.

When asked for clarification from Vogt if Dial had actually seen photos or where they might be, Dial responded “Yes. Jeff Lowe has it.”

In the Netflix docuseries, Dial was working at a local Walmart in Oklahoma when Joe Exotic approached him about being his campaign manager for a failed 2016 bid for president. Dial is most famous for witnessing an off-screen suicide by one of Joe Exotic’s multiple husbands, Travis Maldonado.

When asked about the rampant drug use that was featured on the Netflix show, Dial discussed why the mother of Maldonado seemed to always be around the G.W. Zoo.

“They were doing meth. She was there for the meth. She’s still, she’s a meth addict.”

Dial also discussed what is called ‘cub petting,’ which is the practice of allowing people to pet and be photographed with baby tiger cubs. It can be a lucrative practice among private zoos, but has USDA stipulates that a cub must be under 30 pounds and/or less than three months old to be safely handled.

“He would change the birth certificate, so that tiger would be six or seven months old” said Dial. “And once they were old enough he would kill the tigers […] and make room for the babies.”

Dial responded to a harsh allegation that has plagued the privately owned G.W. Zoo.

“Joe Exotic killed tigers in order to make room for more babies, so he could sell hundreds of dollars of photos with baby tigers.”

Hear the full interview with former campaign manager Joshua Dial here.


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