Lines at NM Grocery Stores

(Albuquerque)-They know it’s needed, but most New Mexico residents don’t like the new order from Governor Lujan Grisham that no more than 20 percent or less of a business’s maximum occupancy can be in the store at a given time.  But they also say they feel safer once they’re in the store. Shoppers say there’s now more room in the store for shopping.

KOAT-TV reports Walmart is only letting in five customers to its thousand-square foot store … and have exceeded that number.  Now, Walmart is placing workers at the front of the store to keep count on how many come in and how many leave the store.

Smith’s Grocery Stores are also allowing only five people in their thousand square foot stores and use technology to keep track of how many come in and out.

Be aware there will be long lines outside those stores.

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