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GOP Vermont governor to allow abortion rights bill to become law

Republican Vermont Gov. Phil Scott intends to allow a comprehensive abortion rights bill to become law, as other states led by Republican governors across the nation work to restrict the procedure. Bill H.57, which passed both thestate House and Senate earlier this year, would “recognize as a fundamental right the freedom of reproductive choice” and…MORE

Senator warns Trump may use ‘obscure loophole’ to sell bombs to Saudi Arabia

Sen. Chris Murphy warned Wednesday that President Donald Trump is considering using an “obscure loophole” in arms control law that would allow his administration to sell a new batch of bombs to Saudi Arabia without congressional approval. Circumventing Congress in order to sell munitions to the Saudis “would be a complete abuse of power,” Murphy…MORE

Abortion is not always a red v. blue issue

American political parties are running to the extremes on abortion as conservative lawmakers vie to impose stricter limits on terminating pregnancies, prompting Democrats to rally in defense of women’s reproductive rights — and the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. But the country remains planted somewhere in the middle. The public largely thinks that abortion…MORE

Bernie Sanders: ‘May be time’ for House Judiciary to begin impeachment inquiry

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders on Wednesday said it might be time for House Democrats to begin an inquiry that could lead to impeachment proceedings into President Donald Trump. “I think it may be time at least to begin the process through the (House) Judiciary Committee to determine whether or not there are impeachment…MORE

Trump honors 14 public safety officers with the Medal of Valor

President Donald Trump honored 14 public safety officers for their acts of heroism with the Medal of Valor on Wednesday at the White House, with honorees including an Ohio State University officer who thwarted an act of terrorism and a fallen Dallas officer killed during a mass shooting at a police protest march. “To the…MORE

Lawmakers slam Trump’s pick for defense secretary over new oversight policy

The senior Democrat and Republican members of the House Armed Services Committee criticized acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan over a new policy which they say seeks to limit congressional oversight of the Pentagon. “If implemented, the Department’s new policy guidance would dramatically limit Congress’ ability to execute our constitutional prerogative,” said Chairman Adam Smith,…MORE

Democrats’ dilemma: To impeach or not to impeach?

Sure, it’s hard. You’ve got the majority in the House and you can’t get a single administration witness — current or former — to testify. You’re trying to get the President’s tax returns. You have the special counsel’s 448-page report, but even Robert Mueller is trying to figure out a way to avoid a public…MORE

Feds say New Jersey man posted that he wanted to ‘bomb Trump Tower’

A man facing charges for supporting Hamas and making threats online said he wanted to “bomb Trump Tower” after visiting President Donald Trump’s signature property, federal law enforcement authorities announced Wednesday. In an announcement from the US attorney for New Jersey, federal officials said Jonathan Xie, a 20-year-old from Basking Ridge, New Jersey, was arrested…MORE

READ: Michael Avenatti indictments

A federal grand jury in Manhattan indicted celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti on Wednesday in two alleged schemes, charging him with fraud and aggravated identity theft involving his former client, Stormy Daniels, and with attempting to extort more than $20 million from sportswear giant Nike. Read the indictments here: Click here to read full story »MORE

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